About the Employees:

Kristopher M. Kline, president of 2Point, Inc., has a four-year degree (class of '84) in general science from Bridgewater College of Bridgewater, Va. and he has been involved in the surveying profession since graduation. In the summer of '84, he moved to Brevard, N.C., and took his first N.C. surveying position as crew chief for William Leonard, P.L.S. 

Kris became licensed in 1991 (P.L.S. L - 3374). He has attended numerous seminars on topics including Rights of Way, Adverse Possession, Ethics, Real Estate Law and various technical aspects of surveying. He is a 1999 graduate of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (N.C.S.S.) Institute, a three-year continuing education program that has drawn national attention for the quality of its curriculum and instructors. Kris served for a year as the Chairman of the Standards of Practice Committee for N.C.S.S., followed by 3 years as Chairman of the N.C.S.S. Education Committee. He has appeared as an expert witness in court on numerous occasions, and has spent the last several years expanding his expertise on legal aspects of boundary retracement.

Kris is an experienced boundary consultant and has been teaching classes in North carolina since 2001 on subjects including Boundary Retracement, Intent of the Parties, Riparian (water) Boundaries, and Adverse Possession. He has recently been invited to teach in numerous states across the country and and writes a bi-monthly column for "Point of Beginning", a professional trade journal for Surveyors.


Both Kris' wife and chief gofer for 2Point, Inc., Robyn Kline has a bachelor of arts degree in fine arts (cum laude) from Bridgewater College (guess where they met!) She began on-the-job training in the surveying field as a back chainman for the same Bill Leonard in the fall of 1984. She left the field to pursue her master of arts degree from UNC-Greensboro. From 1986 to 1993 she worked for a fabric store in Asheville with the final position of store manager.

Robyn has many years of experience in managerial positions, and was trained in many of the field techniques necessary for a surveying crewmember. She also has training in detailed research, drafting and interpreting architectural and engineering plans. As a manager, she has used up-to-date software for scheduling, payroll, accounting, design and promotion. Although she is not a licensed surveyor, many years of experience in the field, along with attendance at numerous seminars on boundary retracement,  (including Sections "A" and "B" of the N.C.S.S. Institute) have made her a major asset in the recovery of boundary evidence.

When Robyn is not "she who must be obeyed", she uses her creative energies in color pencil drawing, woodcuts, garment sewing, quilting, and flower gardening.