American Land Title Association / American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

The Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys were designed to provide detailed information for title insurance companies, create a uniform national standard and provide legal protection both for the surveyor and the client. These requirements provide a convenient way for a client to order a survey of land in a different state or region and be assured of the accuracy of the survey and the information shown thereon. Specifications for accuracy and requirements listing the minimum information that must be shown on any ALTA survey (as they are commonly referred to) generally exceed the minimum standards set by the State of North Carolina. It should be noted that any ALTA survey prepared by a surveyor in the State of North Carolina must conform both to ALTA standards and minimum requirements set by the state.

When ordering an ALTA survey, the client should understand that ALTA requirements place a burden on both client and surveyor. The client or the agent responsible for paying for the survey is required to provide written authorization to proceed, specifically requesting an "ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey", along with a list of the optional items from table "A" to be incorporated. "A package containing complete copies of the record description of the property, any record easements benefiting the property, the record easements or servitudes and covenants affecting the property (Record Documents), documents of record referred to in the Record Documents, and any other documents containing desired appropriate information affecting the property being surveyed and to which the survey shall make reference shall be provided to the surveyor"

"Table A: Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications" lists a plethora of requirements, some fairly simple to fulfill, others quite time-consuming; the client should go over this list in detail and determine which of these options is needed. When in doubt, the surveyor may be able to give advice as to the value of some of these options for the specific survey situation. Simply requesting all optional items can quite easily double the cost of the survey, and some, such as parking stripes on parking areas, may be a waste of resources.

At 2Point, Inc., our personnel are well versed in the requirements for ALTA surveys and we maintain a very high standard for research, field control, and mapping to provide you with an accurate, complete survey.