Our goals and philosophy:

2Point, Inc. is a specialized company dedicated to providing the highest quality in surveying services for our clients. We provide reliable boundary consultation and routinely perform exhaustive research on difficult boundary disputes. 

The most important concept behind our firm -- its size, or lack thereof! 2Point, Inc. consists of two people, Kristopher M. Kline, P.L.S. 3374, and Robyn L. Kline, general manager.

Many firms today are working toward the concept that bigger is better, performing surveys on an "assembly line" basis -- one person does research, the field crew takes the research to the site and performs field location, the crew provides field data to an office draftsman who makes calculations and draws the plat, and the surveyor reviews the information provided by the employees and signs and seals the plat.

This technique may be sufficient for typical boundary surveys, but for boundary disputes, difficult retracements and surveys where small mistakes can be costly, 2Point, Inc. offers a more exhaustive approach. In these situations, the Professional Land Surveyor must be intimately involved with all phases of the project. Some boundary problems may appear during the initial deed research. The surveyor should review the clients' deed, as well as the deeds of all properties adjoining the project, to search for possible encroachments or gaps. Additional research may be necessary to determine senior title to disputed or unclaimed areas. Detailed analysis of the deeds is critical before field work can begin.

A common misunderstanding regarding surveying is that any spike in the ground with flagging on it is the property corner! In many cases, however, we find two, three, or even four wooden hubs, concrete monuments, rebar, or pipes that all represent the same property corner. How to choose?! The biggest? Oldest? Newest? There is no simple answer, but proper analysis of the deeds combined with an understanding of the rules of construction for boundary surveying in North Carolina should provide a solution that will stand up in a court of law. Our overall concept of boundary surveying includes the idea that any survey we do may be contested in court; we always do sufficient research, both in the office and in the field, to be able to defend our work.

It surprises many of our clients that we would need the neighbors' deeds to survey their property; it usually surprises them even more when we search for and locate corners of neighboring properties some distance from the actual project site. The rationale behind this "extra" work is simple: How can you know if the neighbors' survey overlaps with that of your client If you don't know where the neighbors' property is! Field search is the next phase, and the object is to find sufficient boundary evidence (iron pins or pipes, watercourses, ridges, trees, etc.) to be able to reconstruct the original boundary in its correct position. Thorough field search is critical; overlooked boundary evidence has been the source of many boundary problems.

Through all of this discussion, no mention has yet been made of field measurement. This is no accident since, while accurate field measurement is critical to any boundary survey, it is generally the least difficult of the surveyors tasks. 2Point, Inc. uses state-of-the-art total station and electronic data collection to quickly and accurately store measurements and information for field processing and later computer analysis at the office. In 2005, we added GPS equipment to our arsenal and we currently tie all of our survey projects to the N.C. Grid system. A grid tie of this type is generally considered by our Board of Examiners to be of the highest quality; in addition, surveying in grid coordinates allows us to seamlessly utilize information available from the North Carolina Geodetic Survey office to generate surprisingly accurate topography over large areas as an aid to boundary work in steep mountain terrain.

Our firm uses AUTOCAD to quickly and accurately draft your finished plat. Robyn, our office manager, also has a four-year degree in Art and works diligently to refine our plat format to a more pleasing, understandable, and professional appearance.

In addition to boundary plats, we can provide an array of services tailored to suit your needs. Along with title insurance reports and flood certificates, we can provide:


  1. Detailed project reports describing our research, field procedure and analysis of your boundary survey.
  2. Large-scale drawings designed for ease of use as court exhibits.
  3. Service as an expert witness.
  4. Consultation services for attorneys so that they can effectively utilize our services in courtroom testimony.
2Point, Inc. realizes you may have questions after your survey is complete, or you may require an updated survey or other services. Rest assured that we do not "vanish" as soon as we deliver the map. Our phone number is 1-828-778-1748 (mobile) or 1-828-645-6847 (answering machine - fax). We check our voice mail on a daily basis and return calls promptly.

Our goal is to operate a professional firm that completes work in a timely manner, provides good contact with our customers and provides only the highest quality in surveying.